Canterbury, New Zealand (click to enlarge)

Canterbury, New Zealand
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It’s something my dad says when there’s a good or fortuitous event.  “Boomer!”  Akin to “awesome” or “right on” or “that’s the way,” the joyous exclamation of “boomer!” when all’s well is something my brother recently revived (and I happily perpetuated) on this little trip of ours.

Of course, we use this generous and easygoing word irreverently; feeling a certain familial ownership of the word (assuming our dad did not lift it from his father or a memory or The Catcher in the Rye), we are confident enough in its handling to casually fling it around, sure that it will stick its landing just fine.

So here’s how to use it, how we have been using it, in New Zealand.

  • when a Jetstar flight leaves only 45 minutes late (boomer!)
  • when you wander Te Papa on a rainy day (boomer!)
  • when you get the Ribena-to-water ratio just right (boomer!)
  • when you botch up your first attempt at a roundabout but no one’s around to see or be affected by it (boomer!)
  • when you hit the button for the walk signal and the walking man actually turns green for go (boomer!)
  • Chelsea New Zealand’s Hottest Home Baker (boomer!)
  • when you have a flat white (boomer!)
  • when you choose the right side of the bus and the sun doesn’t melt your eyeballs for two hours in the morning (boomer!)
  • biersticks (boomer!)
  • when your Air NZ flight attendant is hilariously self-deprecating and gives you two biscuits instead of one (boomer!)
  • when you realize that all the cities are seemingly part of a national network of tramping tracks so that you don’t have to pay anything to fill a weekend with adventure (boomer!)
  • veggie markets (boomer!)
  • when you share that look of “adults! amirite?” with a kid who isn’t impressed with their grown-up guardian (boomer!)
  • when you self-consciously mumble “capsicums, please” and the Kiwis still understand that you want green peppers on your sub (boomer!)
  • when you have a morning ale and cider at The Green Dragon (boomer!)
  • when you start to say “bonus” and then change to “boomer” and you cheerfully yell “boner!” (boomer!)

Celebrate everything, kids.  It’s important.


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